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    Insurance and Payment Information
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      There are several options for payment at Anthon Chiropractic Care, depending on the circumstances of injury, whether you have health insurance, and whether you insurance plan covers chiropractic care.   For those patients with no health insurance, or whose insurance does not cover chiropractic care, we provide a menu of payment options to choose from, and can work out payment arrangements if necessary, so that everyone who needs chiropractic care can have access to it. Accepted methods of payment at this time are cash and check, Mastercard & Visa.

 Health Insurance

     Anthon Chiropractic Care accepts assignment of insurance benefits from those patients whose health insurance covers chiropractic care. “Accepting assignment” means that we agree to accept payment directly from the insurance company, provided we receive appropriate insurance documentation from you and we can verify your coverage.  In some cases, patients are responsible for certain out-of-pocket expenses, such as co-payments or deductibles.  Any out-of-pocket expenses which are the responsibility of the patient are collected on each visit.

 Automobile Injuries

     Persons involved in an auto accident are entitled to receive chiropractic care under what is known as liability insurance or med-pay, provided you have appropriate coverage on your auto insurance.  We are experienced in dealing with automobile injury cases, and ensuring smooth communication between patients, insurance companies, and attorneys.   Again, we will accept assignment of benefits, and receive payment directly from your automobile insurance carrier or attorney.Anthon Chiropractic Care

 Workers’ Compensation

     If you have been involved in an on-the-job injury, you are entitled to receive chiropractic treatment.  Workers’ compensation law in Louisiana states that all treatment must be authorized.  Therefore, you must be sure to notify your employer that you were injured on the job and will be seeking care.  It is your choice as to which physician to see, not your employers.  We are experienced in dealing with workers compensation cases, and will help you to ensure smooth authorization of treatment and payment.  As with other insurance plans, we well accept assignment of benefits, and received payment directly from your employer’s insurance carrier.

 Health Care Networks

     Many insurance plans are “PPO” (Preferred Provider Organizations) or “HMO” (Healthcare Management Organizations) plans.  If your plan is a PPO or HMO, you’ll get maximum benefits when you seek “in network” care, i.e., with a provider who participates in the network.

       At this time, Dr. Anthon is a participating provider in the following health care networks:  Humana, FARA, Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Cigna & State Employees Group Benefits.